Miss and Little Miss Fourth of July

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On Saturday, May 24th, more than 400 people gathered in the Mt. Hope High School Auditorium to celebrate the 65th Annual Miss Fourth of July and the 17th Annual Little Miss Fourth of July pageant.

Meet Miss and Little Miss Fourth of July for 2012

Miss Fourth of July - Daniela Lopes

Daniela is 19 years old and is the daughter of Maria Lopes. She has completed her sophomore at the University of Rhode Island with a major in public relations. Daniela’s future ambition is to become an event planner and do missionary work on the side. She enjoys reading, hiking, singing, kayaking, learning new languages, and art.

The Miss Fourth of July Court are first runner-up Marguerite Sousa, 20, daughter of Louis and Catherine Sousa: second runner-up Kailey Grantham, 19, daughter of Dawn Holmgren and Craig Grantham; third runner-up Lea Alexandre, 20, daughter of Thomas and Mary Alexandre and fourth runner-up Taryn Lagarto, 19, daughter of Steven and Lisa Lagarto.

Little Miss Fourth of July - Lily Sarnowski

Lily is 8 years old and is the daughter of Mike and Alexandra Sarnowski. She attends St Philomena School and is in the third grade. At this time, Lily is undecided as to what she wants to be when she grows up. She enjoys dancing, rollerblading, singing, drawing, and reading.

The Little Miss Court first runner-up was Mia Padula, 9, daughter of Paul and Allison Padula; and second runner-up Carissa Correia, 9, daughter of Cliff and Paula Correia.

Miss Congeniality - Tianna Murgo

Tianna is 16 years old and is the daughter of Kenneth and Peggy Murgo. She is a junior at St. Andrew’s School. Tianna’s future ambition is to work in the music industry and to create an organization that connects victims of bullying. She enjoys dancing, playing guitar, attending concerts, volunteering, poetry, creative writing, and spending time with family and friends.

Pageant Committee

For all inquires regarding the Miss and Little Miss Foruth of July Pageant, please call the event chairman:

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